Appnimi ZIP Password Kit is a zip password locker and unlocker tool. It can be used to protect any zip file with password. It also allows you to unlock any password protected zip file. With intuitive right click menu option in the windows explorer it is a must tool to have on any windows system.



Easy to use interface

The tools has a very elegantly designed interface. The buttons are well placed for the ease of useLock any zip file with password

ZIP Password Unlocker

The tool has zip password unlocking feature which can remove password from any zip file in seconds.

ZIP Password Locker

The tool has a zip password locking feature which can lock any unprotected zip file with password provided.

Show or Hide Password

You can easily show or hide the password for the zip file with a single click on the checkbox


Open with Right Click Menu

Open the app with a right click on the zip file in windows file explorer

Check for latest updates

You can check for latest updates by clicking on the updates button at the bottom of the app

Detailed help on the appnimi website

For more detailed help you can visit the appnimi’s website by clicking on the help button at bottom left.



The tool comes in 2 flavors

  • FreeĀ  – It has a limitation of max 10 files in the zip
  • Paid – It is priced at $ 9.99



APPNIMI, The company behind this tool has many apps on it website. To know more you can visit the companies website at



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